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ahhhhhhhhh everything is so shit. this has been a shit day. things are shit. 

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The first stabbings have just took place in George Square, the streets are like a war zone right now. I cannot say this enough, please stay indoors if you are in the Glasgow area tonight. Keep yourself safe, your life is far more important than our independence. 

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day 027. favorite region » johto
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think i made my christmas icon a little prematurely 

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The Last of Us: photo mode - part 11 (Tunnel) / ?

"I fucking made it!" - Ellie

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The Walking Dead Game Season 1 + characters

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okay so i have never seen it before and it just so happens i was channel hopping and i stopped at the exact point in the girl with the dragon tattoo where she is tied to the bed and raped. (please someone tell me it ends well?)

i don’t know why i continued to watch it (maybe out of hope that she would escape and cut his dick off???) but watch it i did and im crying like a maniac. not a lot of stuff scares me. i can sit through ghosts and gore and zombies and scary supernatural shit, but show me a rape scene, even an implied one and i am suddenly having an anxiety attack and going to complete shit and i just makes me wonder what that says about the world when i am more terrified of being raped than murdered.   

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my dad just asked me why i keep drawing tom selleck D:

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hyrule warriors looks soooooooooooooooo fun.